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Optics Valley’s GDP breaks 100-bln-yuan mark in H1

The Optics Valley saw a steady and good economic performance in the first half of this year (H1), with GDP breaking the 100-bln-yuan mark, a year-on-year increase of 34.1 percent, according to a work conference held by the Wuhan government on July 28, 2021. In H1, the zone witnessed 1,973 new high-tech enterprises register and three technology-based enterprises go public, pushing the […]

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Wuhan sees robust GDP growth in H1

Wuhan, the capital city of central China’s Hubei Province, once hit hard by COVID-19 in 2020, registered a 28.6 percent growth in its gross domestic product (GDP) in the first half (H1) of this year. The GDP of Wuhan totaled nearly 825.15 billion yuan (about 127.37 billion U.S. dollars) in H1, according to the municipal […]

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