List of 4th batch of Provincial Traditional Villages released

According to the provincial Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development, the list of the 4th batch of Traditional Villages of Jiangsu Province has been released in recent days, and 54 villages, such as Cunsimazu, Shicun Village, Xingdian Sub-district, Pukou District, Nanjing, with rich traditional resources, improved living environment, and complete infrastructure and public service facilities were identified as another batch of Traditional Villages of Jiangsu Province, bringing the total number of such villages to 364.

In terms of the distribution of traditional villages in the 13 cities under the provincial government, Yangzhou has 61, which is the most, followed by Suzhou, which has 59, and Nanjing takes the third place, which is 39. Our province has made vigorous efforts to connect the protection of traditional villages and the development of pastoral villages with unique characteristics, putting traditional villages high on the agenda of developing provincial pastoral villages with unique characteristics and making the countryside charming and attractive again by focusing on restoring elements of historical environment and improving infrastructure, public service facilities and the living environment. Among the newly identified 54 traditional villages, 10 are Pastoral Villages with Unique Characteristics of Jiangsu Province.

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