Provincial Development Plan for Big Data Industry released

According to information from the provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology in recent days, the Development Plan of Jiangsu Province for Big Data Industry during the 14th Five-year Plan Period has been officially released. The Plan proposed that the core business income of big data in the province would have exceeded RMB 250 billion by 2025.

The plan put forward the overall framework, referred to as “1468” for short, for the development of big data in our province during the 14th Five-year Plan period. To be specific, we will advocate the main development line of bringing out the value of data, and follow the four principles of being value-oriented, innovation-driven, application-guided, and secure and in order. The development positioning of our province was defined from four aspects, namely, new infrastructure, new elements, new industries and new applications. Efforts will be made to promote Jiangsu to become an advanced arithmetic support area that actively integrates into the Yangtze River Delta, orients towards the country, and has international competitiveness in areas with advantages and unique characteristics, pilot area for efficient allocation of data elements, innovation and development area for the big data industry, and demonstration area for integrated application of big data by 2025; fulfill six major tasks, namely, planning and consolidating data infrastructure, cultivating the data element market, forging core industrial capacity, prospering industrial development ecology, stimulating and releasing data value, and building a solid defense line for data security; implement eight key supporting projects, namely, the upgrading project of data infrastructure, the enhancing project of data governance capability, the cultivation project of the data element market, the enhancing project of the innovation capability of big data, the strengthening project of the main body of the big data industry, the improving project of big data industrial ecology, the demonstration project of integrated application of big data, and the consolidation project of big data security.

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