Another Three National Innovative Industrial Clusters Born in Jiangsu

Notice on Implementing the Pilot (Cultivation) Program of Innovative Industrial Clusters in 2021, which was recently released by the Torch Program Center of Ministry of Science and Technology, reveals that the emergency equipment industry for workplace safety at Xuzhou Hi-tech Zone, the core part industry for new energy automobiles at Changshu Hi-tech Zone and the new-type electronic components and equipment manufacturing industry at Yancheng Hi-tech Zone have been approved to take part in the pilot program for developing the state-level innovative industrial clusters. At the moment, Jiangsu is home to 15 national innovative industrial clusters, 13 of which are state-level hi-tech zones.

In the recent years, acting on “one strategic industry for one designated hi-tech zone”, Jiangsu has been advancing its industrial foundation and modernizing its industrial chains at a faster pace, put in place a batch of innovative platforms for major industries, implementing the pilot program for cultivating innovative industrial clusters ring-fenced by the provincial fund for promoting commercialization of research results, and galvanizing the commercialization and industrialization of a group of major research results with proprietary IPRs in innovative industrial clusters at hi-tech zones. By doing so, a batch of innovative industrial clusters, including nano new materials at Suzhou Industrial Park, PV industry at Changzhou Hi-tech Zone, medical equipment and apparatus at Suzhou Hi-tech Zone, biomedicine at Taizhou Medical Hi-tech Zone and special steel and new materials at Jiangyin Hi-tech Zone have taken shape, empowering Jiangsu’s effort to build an industrial sci-tech and innovation center with global influence.

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