33 Jiangsu Companies Listed in China’s Top 100 Garment Enterprises

On 19 August, news from Jiangsu Department of Industry and Information Technology revealed that 33 Jiangsu’s companies rank amongst “Top 100 Garment Enterprises in 2020”, a list released by China National Garment Association that comprises 127 Chinese garment enterprises. Once again, Jiangsu houses the most top garment enterprises across the country.

The list underscores three key indicators, namely, revenue, total profit and profit margin of revenue. The ranking of revenue shows that 11 companies have entered the 10 billion club while 65 companies have earned over one billion yuan in annual revenue. Jiangsu has secured its first place in this category for another year. HOdo Group, Bosideng and Jiangsu Sunshine Group are among the top ten, ranking the third, fifth and tenth, respectively. The ranking of total profit reveals that Hailan Group, Bosideng and Jiangsu Sunshine Group are among the top ten in this category, ranking the second, third, and seventh, respectively. The ranking of profit margin of revenue indicates that Jiangsu’s RUMERE ranks amongst the top three while CASDELAY is No.10 in this category.

Statistics from the garment manufacturing sector shows that, in 2020 Jiangsu housed 1639 garment enterprises above a certain designated scale, 12.3% of China’s total. Those enterprises made a total of 172.72 billion yuan in revenue, accounting for 12.6% of China’s total; and altogether produced 2.308 billion pieces of garment, taking up 10.3% of China’s total.

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