More efforts needed to preserve cultural heritage in Pakistan: Pak student

“Pakistan has a wealth of cultural heritage and resources including archaeological sites, stupas, forts, shrines, tombs and monuments, but for a long time, the country fails to protect the resources and promote heritage preservation to the people. In this regard, Pakistan can draw on lessons from China,” remarked Wajid Ali, who worked as a volunteer in the 2021 Gansu Natural and Cultural Heritage Day held in June in Lanzhou.

The three-day event features cultural performances and cultural heritage exhibitions of all the 14 cities in China’s northwest province of Gansu. “These are excellent exhibitions. Each city has its own culture and heritage. For example, in the Zhangye Pavilion, you can see a lot of clothes and drawings unique to the city of Zhangye and handicrafts with features of Jiayuguan are displayed in the Jiayuguan Pavilion,” the Pakistani master’s student told China Economic Net (CEN), with great enthusiasm and ease.

“I travelled to many places in Gansu such as Dunhuang and Zhangye and enjoyed amazing historical sites including the Great Wall & Fortress in Jiayuguan,” Wajid explained, adding that he offered to volunteer in the activity to learn more about the culture in Gansu and its protection of cultural heritage.

“As you can see, the visitors just love their traditions and heritage and want to participate. The event not only brings joy, understanding and creativity, but it helps promote cultural heritage and boost public awareness of heritage preservation,” the passionate Pakistani volunteer told CEN, adding that it shows how people in a democratic society choose to spend their discretionary time.

This valuable experience may be an enlightening lesson to Pakistan, according to Wajid. “By showcasing and introducing the cultural heritage in such an event, the people become more familiar with their culture and are more aware of the importance of preserving their culture and traditions. This holds a great lesson for Pakistan.”

There is more to it in a Natural and Cultural Day. At the event, offline stalls and live-streaming selling activities empty stock-piled cultural heritage-themed products and create deep-pocketed culture exhibitors and preservers.

Source: China Economic Net

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