Training course on cultivation of oil crops for Pakistan inaugurated to reduce dependence on imports

“As one of the important commodities of daily use, Pakistan has been constantly facing deficiency in the production of edible oil. About 70% of the domestic requirements are met through imports. In the last fiscal year, the cumulative import bill of edible oil rose to $2.8 billion. It is urgent to narrow the gap between the production and consumption of edible oil to reduce trade deficit and ensure food security,” Dr. Gu Wenliang, Agricultural Commissioner, Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, highlighted at the opening ceremony of training course on cultivation of oil crops for Pakistan (Rapeseed, Peanut, etc.).

“Over the past 60 years of research and practice, the yield of oil crops in China continuously reaches new high levels. The organizer of this seminar invites more than 10 top experts to present a wide range of knowledge and experience on different aspects of oil crops cultivation, including cultivation technology, yield improvement methods, disease prevention and so on,” Dr. Gu further stated.

Mr. Muhammad Naveed Anwar, Chairman of Naujwan Zaraat Khazana Foundation, maintained that covering cultivation of oil crops in Pakistan could be a very fruitful option for Pakistanis to learn modern techniques. The proportion of youth is almost 50% to 60% and Pakistan’s prime focus is paving the way for them to play a critical role in economic strengthening of Pakistan. Education training for Pakistanis is quite necessary.

Dr. Babar Hafeezullah, Principal Scientist of Wheat Research Centre, Sakrand, Pakistan, mentioned that how to address the gap between demand and domestic production is a problem faced by Pakistan and he suggested improved agronomic measures.

Introducing that Hunan is a beautiful place with two world natural heritages, and Changsha, the provincial capital has a number of famous scenic spots, Mr. Liu Junting, Deputy Director of Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation Office, Department of Commerce of Hunan Province, stated that the organizer has attached great importance to the training course and done a lot of preparatory work in curriculum design, teacher arrangement, cloud visit and cloud practice striving to create a good atmosphere for learning.

The training course sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, organized by Hunan Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. will last until 30 August. 133 Pakistani students will participate in the training course online, which is the second bilateral seminar in agriculture for Pakistan held this year under the China Aid Training Programs.

The training course aims to equip participants with the knowledge of China’s technology and experience on the comprehensive utilization of related oil crops (rapeseed, sunflower and peanut etc.), and to enable participants to practically and effectively improve management and technical capability on the basis of what have been learned in combination with the actual situation of Pakistan. Meanwhile, it aims to promote foreign cooperation and exchange in oil crops etc.

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