Indonesia is expected to become Southeast Asia’s largest digital economy

World Trade Times  August 10 –The Chairman of the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK) Committee recently stated that Indonesia has huge development potential in the digital industry.

First of all, Indonesia is a large country with a population of 272 million, distributed on 17,000 islands, and a labor force of approximately 137 million.

Second, there are 175 million Internet users in Indonesia, accounting for 65.3% of the total population.

Third, in 2020, there will be 129 million people using e-commerce, with a transaction volume of 266 trillion dong (about 19 billion US dollars).

Fourth, Indonesia is expected to become the largest digital economy country in Southeast Asia by 2025, with a digital transaction volume of US$124 billion (1736 trillion rupiah).

Fifth, digital transformation will become the pillar of national economic development during the corona virus pandemic. Community mobility is limited, providing people with space to use digital services.   ——END——

Source: World Trade Times

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