Russia launches fully automated port fleet in 2027

World Trade Times  August 3 – The head of the “Marinet” industry center of the Russian National Technology Initiative (NTI) said that the first fully automated ships of the port fleet will be launched in Russia in 2027 based on 4 automated tugs, and there will be no one on board.

He said: “In the first phase, by 2024, it is planned to organize two partially automated railway ferries along the St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad route.”

The expert added: “In the second phase, by 2027, we must do something more revolutionary: start a fully automated port fleet, and there should be no one on board at all.”

He revealed that the test will be carried out on four automatic tugboats in the Novorossiysk commercial seaport, which will pull large ships into the port and ensure their anchorage. The vessel will be built in accordance with the new design, which does not require someone to be on board for a long time. END

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