Various activities held to spend the “National Special Olympics Day”

July 20 this year is the fifteenth “National Special Olympics Day”. Special Olympics is a sport specially designed for intellectually disabled people. In the past few days, various activities, such as integrated sports games and fun sports games, have been held in various localities of Zhejiang Province, to accompany people with intellectual disabilities to spend this day together.

To commemorate the “National Special Olympics Day” and to welcome the Asian Paralympic Games to be held in Hangzhou next year, on the morning of July 18th, “National Special Olympics Day” event co-sponsored by the 4th Asian Paralympic Games Organizing Committee Office, the Provincial Disabled Persons’ Federation, and Hangzhou Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation was held in Xiaoshan District Special Education School. More than 250 people, including mentally handicapped persons from various districts, counties (cities) and municipal trust centers in Hangzhou, representatives of their relatives and friends, caring persons, and volunteers, participated.

On July 17, Ningbo Disabled Persons’ Federation, together with Yuyao Special Education Center, organized the 8th National Special Olympics Track and Field Competition and the 15th “National Special Olympics Day” in Ningbo, to encourage and mobilize more intellectually disabled people to participate in Special Olympics sports and fitness activities. Ten events including softball, high jump and long jump were set up in this trial. The 9 Special Olympics athletes selected will participate in the National Special Olympics Track and Field Competition to be held in Shaanxi in October this year.

The annual “National Special Olympics Day” activities have become one of the highlights of the work for the disabled in Zhejiang Province.

At Dafeng Home for the Disabled in Changxing County, 69 disabled friends participated in fun sports such as looping, skipping rope, throwing table tennis, throwing darts, and simple bowling. There were laughter and cheering on the scene.

In Jingning, friends with disabilities, volunteers, social workers and workers from the Disabled Federation have joined Special Olympics to experience the fun of sports and fitness, having a good time in fun sports.

Nanhu District Federation of Disabled Persons in Jiaxing City, in conjunction with the “National Special Olympics Day” activities, also launched a summer camp for the Family Support Center for Special Children. Special children were welcome to participate in the charity “Summer Nursery Class”, which will carry out social integration activities that help them grow up.

Source: China Economic Net

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