Great potential of Pak-China traditional medicine cooperation

Recently, a Pakistani friend visited the campus of Lanzhou University, a famous university in Northwest China. He found that a common plant used for wound healing in the research and practice of traditional Chinese medicine. However, it is only used for animal feed in Pakistan.
He suggested that China and Pakistan carry out close cooperation in the field of traditional medicine.
Traditional Chinese medicine is well-known in the world, and Pakistan’s traditional medicine also has many merits. Therefore, China and Pakistan can learn from each other and complement one another.
As far as I know, Pakistani friends attach great importance to the research and development of traditional medicine. Quite a lot of Pakistanis like to use herbal medicine, so there is much room for the development of traditional medicine in Pakistan.
At the same time, Pakistani friends are very interested in traditional Chinese medicine and they know that the curative effect is very good. In particular, almost all Pakistani friends know about the Chinese acupuncture treatment.
Another point is that some  people in Pakistan cannot afford expensive western medicine, so they choose cheap traditional medicine. In South Asian countries, including Pakistan, herbal resources are very rich.
As we all know, sometimes western medicine cannot cure diseases from the ‘root’, while traditional herbal medicine can cure diseases fundamentally. This is the common point of traditional medicine in China and Pakistan.
It is reported that a hospital of traditional Chinese medicine has been established in Pakistan. Here, I would like to suggest that China should also establish a traditional medicine institution to promote traditional Pakistani medicine in China. By this way we can build a platform for mutual learning between China and Pakistan, so as to better carry out scientific research and cooperation.
In addition, grand healthcare is a new concept, which advocates self-health management. It pursues mental, psychological, social, environmental and moral health.
Both China and Pakistan are populous countries. It is also necessary to carry out close cooperation in this new field.
Source: China Economic Net

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