Zhejiang promotes village planning

The system of “town planners”, “community planners” and “village planning volunteers” will be gradually promoted in Zhejiang.

From the “Rural Revitalization” project to the construction of beautiful villages in Zhejiang, one of the most important experiences is to make scientific planning with a blueprint. Recently, the Provincial Department of Natural Resources issued the “Notice on Scientifically Promoting Village Planning” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”), which is to promote the leading role of village planning in rural revitalization and the construction of beautiful Zhejiang.

The “Notice” requires all local authorities to consider the local reality, be problem-oriented, goal-oriented and effect-oriented, and follow the principle of “planning as needed”. Great efforts must be made to improve the living environment of villagers, strengthen the management of village land, promote the implementation of ecological restoration projects, and develop modern agriculture, so as to push village planning in a scientific and orderly manner, and effectively solve the problems in the process of village planning in various regions.

What’s more, the “Notice” demands gradual implementation of the system of “town planners”, “community planners” and “village planning volunteers” throughout the province, and encourages all local governments to actively explore detailed planning methods of countryside units, ecological units, and specific functional units..

In the next step, the 11 district cities in Zhejiang will pick up 100 villages as the first group of provincial pilots to prepare and supervise village planning.

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