Japan and Australia’s Minister of Economy hold a dialogue

On the 15th, Mr. Hiroshi Aikajiyama, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan held an economic ministerial dialogue with Australian Minister of Trade, Tourism and Investment Tehan and Minister of Energy and Emission Reduction Taylor. The meeting discussed bilateral trade and decarbonization-related cooperation, and a statement is expected to be issued after the meeting.
   Kayama emphasized at the meeting: “It is timely to have the opportunity to carry out strategic dialogues across the two fields of trade and energy.” Tehan pointed out the importance of cooperation between the two countries to achieve a free and open economic order.
   Kayama and Tehan started a dialogue at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Kasumigaseki, Tokyo, and Taylor participated in the meeting online. The purpose of this dialogue is to discuss strategic issues, and this is the third time. The last time was held in January last year.
  Australia and Japan have joined RCEP and TPP. In addition, the four countries of the United States, India, Japan, the United States, Australia and India have also cooperated in adjusting the supply chains of semiconductors and rare earths, and the economic ties between Japan and Australia are close.

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