First Matchmaking Meeting for Coordinated Development of Cross-Strait IC Industry held in Nanjing

Recently, the First Matchmaking Meeting for Coordinated Development of Cross-Strait Integrated Circuit (IC) Industry was held in Pukou District, Nanjing.

Taking the important opportunity of international semiconductor industry transfer, Pukou District have introduced major projects such as Cadence Electronics, Tianshui Huatian, and HRmicro. At present, more than 270 upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain have gathered in Pukou, generating a total investment of over RMB 380 billion. A complete industrial chain of design, manufacturing, sealing, and testing has taken shape. Pukou is home to one of the most important IC industrial clusters in Jiangsu and beyond. After years of development, Taiwan has established a complete ecosystem of IC industry, gathering a large number of outstanding enterprises and talent. The two sides will strengthen exchanges and cooperation to promote high-quality industrial development.

During the meeting, IEEE Fellow, Deputy Dean of the School of Microelectronics of Nanjing University, and Chairman of Windo Rise Tech Wang Zhongfeng made a report themed on “AI Chip Development and Prospect”. About a dozen entrepreneurs from Taiwan shared their experience in the development of IoT chips and IC new material industries. Representatives from about 50 venture capital institutions, gazelle enterprises, and high-tech enterprises gave their suggestions on the development of the IC industry.

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