Suzhou Initiated or Implemented 35 Projects for Improved Wellbeing

By the end of June, all 35 projects that would bring tangible benefits to people in Suzhou have been initiated or implemented, among which four have met their annual targets ahead of schedule, namely, “all-in-one card” project for medical insurance, garbage sorting, public transport and postal service integration project in rural areas, and urban traffic improvement project.

The annual target of Suzhou’s “all-in-one card” project for medical insurance is to entitle the insured to get access to medical service or medicine at designated medical institutions and pharmacies with their cards in the city. At present, 1.05 million persons-times have been recorded by the system during the card trial period, with direct settlement of 650 million yuan of medical expenses. On June 29, the “all-in-one card” system was officially launched.

The annual target of the garbage sorting project is to improve the efficiency of domestic garbage sorting to cover all residential areas, where garbage sorting in four categories (dry, wet/kitchen, recyclable and hazardous) is done at a designated site and a set time with community supervisors and instructors. It is expected that kitchen waste proportion of all garbage will exceed 30% after sorting. At present, 4882 or 100% of residential areas are taking part in the project, whose kitchen waste hits 33% of all garbage.

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