Water bills of water-saving enterprises reduced by up to 50%

standard, and those of provincial water-saving model enterprises 50% … On July 14, the reporter learned from the Water Resources Department of Zhejiang Province that this province officially issued Measures for the Management of the Reduction of Water Bills for Water-saving Enterprises in Zhejiang Province (hereinafter referred to as the Measures), and the policy for the reduction of water bills will be implemented from August 1, to further stimulate the endogenous motivation for water-saving enterprises and promote the saving and intensive use of water resources.

Water bills of provincial water-saving enterprises is levied at 80% of the prescribed Zhejiang Rongsheng Environmentally-friendly Paper Co., Ltd. has achieved remarkable results in the transformation of water-saving technologies, and has been rated as a provincial-level water-saving model enterprise in 2020. The paper-making industry has always been a traditional water-consuming industry. According to the normal collection standard for water bills, this company’s annual expenditure on water is about 640,000 yuan. “According to the latest policy, we can save half of the water resources fee every year, which is then invested in the construction of water-saving facilities”, the company owner of the company said.

According to the reduction standards stipulated in the Measures, provincial water-saving model enterprises across the province will reduce water resources fees by about 3 million yuan throughout the year, and provincial water-saving enterprises across the province will reduce water resources fees by about 14 million yuan. Measures clarifies the work objectives, scope of implementation, reduction standards, and specific operations of the reduction of water fees for provincial water-saving enterprises, not only bringing water-saving enterprises tangible benefits, but also make up for the aspects of weakness of the water-saving reward system.

This year, Zhejiang will continue to implement the leading action of water-saving model enterprises. This province plans to complete the creation of 50 water-saving model hotels, 50 water-saving model campuses, 100 water-saving model communities, and 150 water-saving model companies. These water-saving leaders to be created will promote the in-depth and down-to-earth implementation of the water-saving campaign.

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