10 Hi-tech Zones of Jiangsu hit top 100 for manufacturing

CCID have had 218 national economic and development zones and 168 national high-tech zones evaluated and ranked, selecting the top 100 in a list. Jiangsu have 10 high-tech zones on the list, ranking first in China.

As per location in Jiangsu, 9 are from south Jiangsu, and one from central Jiangsu; as per sectors, the majority are from bio-pharmaceutical, electronic information, and high-end equipment; and as per home cities, 4 are from Suzhou, 2 from Changzhou, and 1 from Nanjing, Wuxi, Nantong and Taizhou each.

In recent years, Jiangsu has fully capitalized on high-tech zones as strategically critical tool to make itself a strong manufacturer. It has established an integrated eco-system with core technologies, innovation platforms, industrial clusters, and policies to boost advanced manufacturing in Jiangsu.

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