Seminar on Regional Development Landscape of Jiangsu and Xuzhou Metropolitan Circle Building convened

On July 3, a seminar on regional development landscape of Jiangsu and Xuzhou Metropolitan Circle building was convened, thanks to the support from the national board on economy and geography.  The event is co-sponsored by Jiangsu Regional Development Seminar, Jiangsu Normal University, Xinhua Thinktank of Xinhua Daily, and co-hosted by the Research Office of Xuzhou City Government and the Belt and Road Institute of Jiangsu Normal University.  Officials from national, provincial and city departments, scholars and specialists from universities and research institutes both in and outside Jiangsu showed up, with the total number exceeding 50.

There were five sessions in the seminar, with the respective topic for discussion as “regional development theories and implementation of China’s major regional strategies”, “new and improved development landscape in Jiangsu”, “coordination between Xuzhou Metropolitan Circle and Huaihe River-Sea Economic Zone”, “building two-way open hubs” and “promoting the Belt and Road intersection”. Participants actively joined in the dialogues to seek feasible ways for building a modern metropolitan circle and integrating city clusters.

A dialogue on building think tanks and making decisions was also held.  Liu Xizhong, head of Jiangsu Provincial Joint Research Office of Social Sciences and vice president of Jiangsu Provincial Regional Development Research Board, gave a suggestion that think tanks of various types shall seize the opportunities of this era and make improvements in organization approaches, so as to help modernize state governance with more theories and intelligence.

Sun Jiuwen, professor at the national board on economy and geography, Zhan Haohan, professor at Jiangsu Provincial Regional Development and Research Board, Zhou Yiren, deputy director for comprehensive management at National Information Center, Jiang Manqi, professor and former head of City and Regional Economic Research Institute of Nankai University, Shen He, former deputy director at the Research Office of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, and 16 other academics were hired as Experts of Xuzhou City for Social and Economic Development.

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