Zhejiang celebrates 11th “Ecological Day”

With the CPC’s centennial birthday around the corner, Zhejiang celebrated its 11th “Ecological Day” in Yuhang District, Hangzhou, to promote Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological civilization. It issued an environmental protection initiative to the whole society: Bearing in mind the concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, everyone should participate in the long-lasting battle to improve the ecological environment with high standards, and build and share a beautiful Zhejiang with green land, clear water, and sky blue.

Governor Zheng Shanjie attended the event and presented awards to the representatives of the award winners in 2020 National Environmental Law Enforcement Training and 2021 “Most Beautiful Environmentalists” in Zhejiang Province. Xu Wenguang and Liu Xin were present.

Zhejiang is the birthplace of Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological civilization, the cradle of his concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, and the first province to set up an “ecological day”. Since 2011, “Zhejiang Ecological Day” has been celebrated on June 30 every year. Over the past 11 years, as a distinctive sign of the ecological civilization in Zhejiang, the Ecological Day has effectively played a leading role in the construction of ecological civilization, and promoted the form of a social action system and a new trend of ecological civilization. It has injected vitality into the creation of a beautiful Zhejiang that is “rich, harmonious and peaceful”, and Zhejiang’s practice of demonstrating Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological civilization at home and abroad.

Before the celebration, Zheng Shanjie visited Qingshan Village, Huanghu Town, Yuhang District, to inspect on its promotion of diversified co-governance of the ecological environment and the new trend of ecological civilization. He was glad to see designers from Germany choose to settle in Qingshan Village as a place to pursue their dreams and careers, which is solid proof of the village’s promotion of green development and beautiful rural construction. He pointed out that the people are the most important force in the construction of ecological civilization. We must further carry out the concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, always take the people’s “feel” as the basic path to building a beautiful Zhejiang, and also an important criterion for testing its effectiveness, so as to stimulate the sense of participation of the whole society in building ecological civilization. It is hoped that the vast number of ecological workers will take initiative to promote the spirit of environmental protection, to be an advocator of ecological civilization, a practitioner of green and low-carbon life, and participant in modern governance. It is hoped that they can provide suggestions to the Party committee and the government for environmental governance, so as to promote its continuous iteration, and jointly draw a beautiful picture of Zhejiang Province.

At the ceremony, the Ecological Protection Law Enforcement Team of Zhejiang Province made its debut in the new uniform and launched the “Hazardous Waste Disposal Service Application Scenario”. According to reports, in order to improve the efficiency of hazardous waste utilization and disposal, guided by digital reform, process reengineering and multi-span coordination, the province had built centralized waste stations covering all county-level administrative regions, and online transaction platforms to change the “dispersion-disposal” model of hazardous waste to the “dispersion-centralized-disposal” model, which could achieve full coverage of supervision and maximized resource utilization.

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