Digital reform must strive for more useful and practical results

Zheng Shanjie emphasized that digital reform must strive for more useful and practical results, during the inspection of the Provincial Market Supervision Administration.

On the morning of June 28, Governor Zheng Shanjie emphasized in his inspection of the Provincial Market Supervision Administration that the market supervision directly faces market players, involves thousands of households, and benefits people’s living standard and well-being. It is necessary to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important expositions on market supervision, to firmly establish a people-centered development idea, and to more prominently highlight effectiveness-orientation in accordance with the deployments of the provincial Party committee; it is necessary to follow the law and take advantage of the trend to improve the level of market supervision with high quality, to make greater contributions to optimizing the business environment, stimulating market vitality, and building an “important windows” and an demonstration area for common prosperity.

During the inspection, Zheng Shanjie learned in detail about the construction and application of “Zhejiang Online Justice”, “Zhejiang Online Intellectual Property Rights”, and “Zhejiang Online Carry-out”, listened to the report on the digital construction of the Provincial Market Supervision Administration, and fully approved of the working ideas featuring reform, digit, Zhejiang characteristics, science, and rule of law, and the approaches to work. He required that these ideas and approached should be further summarized into experience that can be replicated and promoted throughout the province.

Zheng Shanjie emphasized that the purpose of digital reform is to solve practical problems and improve services through process re-engineering and system reshaping, so as to take more precise and effective measures to enhance the sense of gains of enterprises and the public, and create market environment featuring fair competition, and soundness and order. Zheng Shanjie put forward three requirements to the market supervision departments. First, the reform must be continuously improved. It is necessary to further do a good job in the iterative upgrading of systems such as “Zhejiang Online Justice”, to make full use of existing resources and avoid starting anew, to timely find and solve problems, so that those who are served and managed can have a stronger sense of gains from reform. Second, supervision must be continuously upgraded. Problematic companies must be strictly managed and punished according to laws and regulations, to more effectively protect and stimulate market innovation and social vitality; we must care about those engaged in delivery services in the platform economy, to help them solve practical difficulties and problems. Third, the bottom line of data security must be firmly maintained. It is necessary to persist in overall development and security and to strengthen data security and the protection of citizens’ privacy, so as to effectively improve emergency response capabilities, ensure that there are no major security risks, and build a “firewall” for data security.

Xu Wenguang participated in the inspection.

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