Pakistan products gain more potential in lower-tier cities in China

“We want to be a booster for China-Pakistan economic and trade cooperation. We have a plan to open 100 exhibition sub-centers in China,” said Freesia Zhu, vice president of Hongqiao Import Commodities Exhibition and Trading Center(HQIICET). “In the next five years, we want to cover 41 prefecture-level cities in the Yangtze River Delta.
Meanwhile, we will open 100 sub-centers in some major cities in other provinces in China. We will take the CIIE(China International Import Expo) exhibits to more second-tier, third-tier cities, so that more Chinese consumers can directly buy the products which are the same as those in CIIE.”
“We have certificates of Disney, Walmart and some other brands. Our factories in Pakistan have been approved by them, and can produce for them,” said Muhammad Shahid, general manager of Hot Nova Global, who is very supportive of the work done by HQIICET and recently participated in the Pakistan culture week held by HQIICET.
“I came to China in 2006 and I’m doing business with some Chinese supplier. Because of the temperature, Pakistan cotton is much better than all over the world. Pakistan, China have a good relationship. China itself is a big market. A lot of Pakistani supplies don’t know about it and a lot of Chinese don’t know about Pakistani products. So we need to have this kind of exhibition and then we will have more opportunities. ”He said.
“I came to this exhibiting center first time in 2019 after CIIE. This is a 6 + 365 days exhibition and trade platform, which undertakes the spillover effect of CIIE. It will help us promote all the products and services not only in Shanghai, but also in branches in other cities,” said Aqeel Ahmed Chaudhry, founder of WINZA Jewelry, who has already entered the exhibition center of HQIICET. “Our brand can promote our image in other cities. Pakistan culture week held recently is an exemplary event. And maybe in the future, there can be more events like this in any of the cities in China as well.”
“This year, we will be more market-focused. We have developed a range of products and collections for the young generation in China. We also have made a collection which is suitable for new married couples.” Aqeel added, he is looking forward to bringing more new products to the 4th CIIE.
Source: China Economic Net

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