“Double Peak” for Cross-Border E-Commerce during “618” Shopping Festival

On June 17, late at night, the Xiasha Park of China (Hangzhou) Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone was still brightly lit. The bonded warehouses of major e-commerce enterprises were bustling with activities, as parcel workers hurried between shelves and packaging tables, and bonded goods consumers purchased online were sorted, boxed, packaged, and ready to be sent across the country.

Compared with previous years, this year’s “618” shopping festival will witness two sales peaks. From June 1 to 2, Xiasha Park saw the first sales peak, marked by 2.9 million orders. According to what has happened in previous years, June 16 to 18 will see another sales peak, marked by an estimate of 3 million orders. Lei Linfei, the supply chain and customs affairs director of Cainiao Global, said, “As we have learned from last year’s ‘Double Eleven’ festival, the “Double Peak” model is more in line with consumers’ shopping preferences and can improve their shopping experience.”

During this year’s “618”, “home economy” continued to see a rising trend. According to pre-sale data, sales of pet products increased by more than 20 times year-on-year, and sales of imported home fragrances went up by 135% year-on-year. Baby skincare products still have a big market, with an expected growth of over 90% year-on-year.

Regarding the sales model, consumers place orders while watching livestream promotions in Xiasha Park, and bonded warehouse staff, without any delay, sort and package the products, which can be delivered after customs clearance is completed. In this way, products could reach consumers the next day at the soonest.

To ensure a successful “618” this year, Qianjiang Customs provided individualized support to 37 cross-border e-commerce enterprises in the park, towards which the Special Customs Supervision Zones took differentiated regulatory measures based on the function of the enterprise to suit diversified promotional demands. At the same time, Xiasha Park has leveraged its role as a global logistics hub by delivering cross-border bonded goods and homegrown goods from the same warehouse. In doing so, it has integrated resources and greatly improved delivery efficiency.

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