Yuan Jiajun: Let Zhejiang’s Party building be a showcase to the vigor of a century-old Party

On the morning of the 21st, the Theoretical Learning Center Group of the Provincial Party Committee held a meeting to study the “Regulations on the Organizational Work of the Communist Party of China”, and watch the video “Life is Heavier than Mount Tai–Learn General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Important Statements on Safety in Production”.

Yuan Jiajun, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Zheng Shanjie, Huang Jianfa, other members of the Provincial Party Committee Theory Learning Center Group, deputy provincial leaders, and leaders of relevant units directly under the provincial government attended the meeting.

Yuan Jiajun pointed out that the issuance of the “Regulations on Organizational Work of the CPC” is a major event in the history of Party organization building. At the important time of the centenary of the CPC, it is especially significant for the Party Central Committee to formulate the first basic regulations on organizational work of the Party, which will provide the basic guidelines for the organizational work in the new era. We must realize that the “Regulations” is a major measure to implement the Party’s organizational line in the new era, which is conducive to the implementation of the Party’s organizational line, so that we can give better play to the Party’s organizational advantages, and create a new pattern for the Party’s organizational construction. It is a major measure to improve the system of laws and regulations within the Party, which is conducive to the unified action of the whole Party on major issues, so that we can better maintain the authority and centralized leadership of the Party Central Committee, and accelerate the modernization of our governance system and governance capabilities. It is a major measure to improve the quality of organizational work, which is conducive to improving our work on organization, cadres, and talents, and further consolidating, developing and exerting the Party’s organizational advantages.

Yuan Jiajun stressed the importance to focus on functions of the organizational work, accelerate its high-quality development in Zhejiang, and build a new pattern characterized by smart governance and pragmatism, so as to show the vigor of the century-old Party through the window of Zhejiang’s Party building. We must strengthen the Party’s leadership over organizational work, and adhere to the “two upholds” as the highest political principle and fundamental political rule, so as to implement the Party’s leadership throughout the entire process of organizational work. We must form a strict organizational system with a smooth executive power, strengthen the political function and organizational strength of the Party, strengthen the work orientation on the grassroots, foundations, and basics, and continue to improve the quality of the Party members. We must forge a cadre team that matches the modernization drive, improve the quality of membership, strengthen the cultivation of cadres, and adhere to strict supervision. We must optimize the environment for talent innovation and entrepreneurship, improve the talent work mechanism, build a talent platform, and optimize services for talents.

Yuan Jiajun emphasized that Party committees (Party groups) at all levels must take the initiative to implement the “Regulations”, and organizational departments at all levels must take the lead in studying, observing and implementing it. We must carry out in-depth study and publicity, closely integrate the study of the “Regulations” with Party history learning, and incorporate it into the important content of the training of Party members and cadres. We must vigorously publicize the “Regulations” and the historic achievements attained in our organizational work, so as to ensure its effective implementation in our province.

Yuan Jiajun emphasized that we must study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on safety in production, firmly establish the vision of overall development and safety, and work harder to find hidden dangers and problems, so as to eliminate major hidden risks in the bud. We must shoulder the responsibility for safety, meet the requirements for safety, and implement related responsibilities around blind spots. We must improve the safety system, treat risks as accidents, and hold major risks accountable to ensure that no major problems occur. We must draw lessons from the past accidents and carefully check the gaps and shortcomings in implementation, so as to prevent major accidents and create a safe and stable environment for the centenary of the Party.

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