Publicity activities for work Safety in fishery held in Zhejiang Province

On June 19, publicity activities for work safety in fishery were held in Zhejiang Province. A live broadcast was shown at nearly 100 sub-venues, including fishery authorities in coastal cities and counties, key townships and fishery villages and communities, grassroots fishing boat management organizations, etc. The main venue was in Putuo District, Zhoushan City. The event was sponsored by the Provincial Sea-related and Fishery-related Safety Specialized Committee, the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Areas, and Zhoushan Municipal Government, and organized by the Provincial Fishery Mutual Insurance Association and Putuo District Government.

At the main venue, the Provincial Fishery Mutual Insurance Association and the Provincial Agricultural Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement on financial services benefiting fishery; 10 models of fishery in Zhejiang were commended; an initiative to ensure work safety in fishery was made on the scene.

It is learned that Zhejiang Fishery Mutual Insurance Association was established in 2004, taking the lead in exploring the establishment of a policy-based fishery mutual insurance system in the country. By 2020, fishermen members in this province have been offered financial subsidies of 1.11 billion yuan at all levels. Since the establishment of the association, the annual risk insurance coverage has exceeded 180 billion yuan in this province, the level of fishery risk protection and insurance premiums have remained the first in the industry for 18 consecutive years, and a total of 3.1 billion yuan has been paid in compensation for disaster-stricken fishermen.

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