Zheng Shanjie speaks on implementing requirements of the National Video Conference on Production Safety

On the afternoon of the 17th, after the National Video Conference on Production Safety, Governor Zheng Shanjie made arrangements to implement the spirit of the conference at the Zhejiang branch venue. He emphasized that as the CPC centenary is approaching, and Zhejiang has just started its high-quality development of a demonstration zone for common prosperity, we must make no mistakes in safety production. All local authorities and departments must thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on production safety, increase political sensitivity, shoulder political responsibilities, and resolutely carry out the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the decisions of the provincial Party committee to ensure the absolute safety before and after the CPC centennial celebration, so that no major accidents occur throughout the year.

Zheng Shanijie pointed out that as we have carried out a special campaign on curbing potential safety hazards and major accidents since the beginning of this year, we are doing generally well in production safety, but there are still hidden hazards and we must tolerate no negligence. We must have a clear understanding of the severe situation of potential major accidents, the new hidden risks, and the possible inadequate efforts in production safety. According to the requirements for production safety, we must be extremely cautious in our work, strengthen the administrative responsibilities of local authorities, the coordination responsibilities of specialized committees and the corporate responsibilities, and establish a more effective working mechanism, operating procedures and regulations.

Zheng Shajie emphasized that in the next step, we must do a good job in three key tasks. First, we must grasp the urgent task and quickly carry out a special operation on safety in gas and related fields. All local departments must spare no efforts in investigation and rectification, and make lists of hidden dangers, lists of items for rectification, and lists of violation and punishment. For enterprises involving urban gas supply, oil and gas long-distance pipelines and hazardous chemicals, we must clarify time nodes and act quickly to conduct investigations and rectifications, so as to comprehensively improve the intrinsic safety of the gas industry. Second, to implement established tasks, we must be practical and pay attention to details. Governments should be held accountable at different levels, and the Provincial Production Safety Committee should strengthen overall planning to ensure the orderly promotion of the three-year action on production safety, the tough battles against major accidents, and the large-scale investigation of potential safety hazards. We must complete the “four-color mapping” of regional and industrial risks as soon as possible in accordance with the set tasks, and promote effective risk management and closed-loop rectification of hidden dangers. For those regular, systemic or institutional issues, we must establish a working mechanism for safety production, address both symptoms and root causes, and enhance the effectiveness of safety supervision. Third, we must take the initiative to meet the challenge, and go all out to do a good job of defense and response to the rainy season. All local departments must maintain a high degree of vigilance, strengthen monitoring and early warning, pay close attention to key areas and weak links, and make adequate emergency preparations, so as to protect the people’s lives and property. We must prevent disasters such as mountain torrents, geological disasters and urban waterlogging, strengthen the risk assessment of engineering disasters, comprehensively investigate and rectify the risks of riverside and mountainous projects, and promptly discover and rectify problems. For key groups such as the elderly, women and children and vulnerable groups, we must formulate a household-based emergency plan, implement a one-to-one emergency transfer system and night duty system, and make full preparations for drills and emergency rescues.

Chen Jinbiao, Gao Xingfu, Cheng Yuechong, Liu Xiaotao, and Wang Chengguo attended the meeting.

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