A symposium with veterans, and retired leaders, models and experts held in Zhejiang

On the morning of June 16, a symposium with veterans, and retired leaders, models and experts was held in Zhejiang, with the theme of “Recalling the History of the Communist Party of China and Talking about the Original Aspiration”. At this symposium, nine veterans, and retired leaders, models and experts, including Cai Yangmeng, Zong Qinghou, Guan Zhuwei, Xu Changmin, Zhao Jinyun, Zhang Xupei, Song Linghua, Wang Jinfa, and Qiu Juanping, reviewed their course of struggle under the leadership of the Party based on their own experiences, vividly demonstrating the demeanor of the old comrades who “retired from their post without separating themselves from the Party”.

Veterans, and retired leaders, models and experts have been playing an important role in  leading Party members of the whole province to maintain the “red roots”, strive to be the first and to achieve excellence, carry on the “five historical missions”, strive to be the vanguard in learning history for enlightenment, increase credit to uphold morality, serve the people, and blaze new trails. The veteran comrades of the province should carry forward the fine tradition of emphasizing and learning history, strive to be the pioneers who follow the Party’s instructions, and improve their skills of carrying on the “Five Historical Missions” with the new realm of learning for reflection and practicing for enlightenment, to open up a new situation for pioneering modernization. It is necessary to derive spiritual strength from the Party history in a century, improve political positioning in in-depth learning, show responsibility in detailed practices, and take a firm people-oriented stand in practice. It is necessary to strive to be the guardian of the “red roots”, vigorously inherit the “red gene”, vividly tell the “red stories”, and actively pass on the “red energy”, to promote the practice and effectiveness the learning of and education on the Party history.

The participating veterans, and retired leaders, models and experts all expressed that they will give full play to their own advantages, carry forward the red tradition, inherit the red genes, and maintain the “red roots”, to make greater contributions to the loyal implementation of the “Double Eight Development Strategy”, the creation of an “important window” and a pioneering province of socialist modernization, and the high-quality development and construction of a common prosperity demonstration zone.

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