Rainy season comes in Jiangsu

According to the analysis of the provincial meteorological department, the rainy season has come in the area south of the Huaihe River in our province on June 13, earlier than previous years. In the rainy season, our province will see significantly more precipitation. It is predicted that the rain band will swing greatly between the north and the south during this year’s rainy season with strong convection and heavy rainfall.

According to the Provincial Water Resources Department, the major rivers and lakes in our province have stable water conditions. At 7 o’clock on June 13, the primary water sources in northern Jiangsu, namely, Hongze Lake, Luoma Lake, Weishan Lake, and Shilianghe Reservoir, had 4.075 billion m3 of water. The current water level of Hongze Lake is slightly higher than the flood control limit out of agricultural planting needs in summer. It is estimated the water level will come down to below the flood control limit around June 16. The Yangtze River Datong Station has a flow rate of 49,500 m3 per second, and the water conditions are normal. The average water level of Taihu Lake is 3.29 meters, slightly higher than the flood control level.

In response to the upcoming rainy season in the area south of the Huaihe River in our province, the Provincial Water Resources Department held a meeting on the morning of June 11, requiring coordination be strengthened in meteorology and hydrology, close attention be paid to changes in the weather, precipitation, water conditions and our countermeasures, monitoring and forecasting be strengthened, and early warning be made in a timely manner. Efforts should be made to strengthen project scheduling. Northern Jiangsu should go all out to schedule water supply to ensure water for agricultural planting needs in summer while preventing rain-caused waterlogging at the same time. The recent scheduling of the Yangtze River estuaries in the Taihu Lake area should focus on drainage to ensure the water level of the river network is controlled within a reasonable range. On-duty watchout shall be strengthened, and the 24/7 on-duty watchout and leadership taking charge system shall be rigorously implemented to report precipitation, our countermeasures and other information in a timely manner. Emergencies shall be dealt with immediately and reported as soon as possible to ensure smooth flow of information and implementation of proper measures.

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