Our province launches special rectification of safety in gas and related fields

In order to draw lessons from the gas explosion accident in the Yanhu community bazaar in Zhangwan District, Shiyan City, Hubei Province on June 14th, the Provincial Safety Committee decided to immediately launch a six-month gas and related gas explosion incident across the province. Special rectification of field security.

It is reported that the Provincial Work Safety Committee will combine the ongoing second round of three-year comprehensive management of production safety actions, the fight against major production safety accidents, the large-scale investigation and rectification of potential safety hazards in the “century of escorting the party and the establishment of the party”, and target the “6” in Shiyan City, Hubei Province. ·13″ The problems exposed by the gas explosion accident, in accordance with the requirements of “practical and practical, detailed and detailed”, further investigate the weaknesses of the preliminary work and sort out the key points that need to be broken through, strengthen the pertinence of work measures, and implement the gas immediately. Special safety rectifications in related fields have effectively eliminated the hidden dangers of major accidents involving gas companies, pipelines, users and transportation, effectively improved the level of intrinsic safety in the industry, and resolutely curbed larger gas safety accidents.

The safety of urban gas, oil and gas long-distance pipelines, and gas-related hazardous chemicals enterprises is the focus of this remediation. In the next period of time, our province will conduct a comprehensive investigation of hidden gas hazards in key areas, resolutely rectify buildings (structures) occupying gas pipelines, actively prevent third-party damage to urban gas facilities, effectively build a gas safety management and control system, and effectively strengthen special equipment Management, truly implement the rectification of gas transportation links, and continuously improve the intrinsic safety level of urban gas enterprises.

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