The plum rain season began in Zhejiang yesterday

Recently, there was a lot of rainfall in Zhejiang Province, and humidity increased. The provincial meteorological station announced that the plum rain season officially began in Zhejiang on June 10. At present, the situation of flood control in the whole province is becoming more and more tense. All localities should be well prepared to prevent the great floods, and especially the severe convective weather.

What are the characteristics of the flood over the plum rain season this year? An expert from Zhejiang provincial Climate Center told the reporter that the current situation of the plum rain is not typical, the distribution of rainfall in the early stage of the plum rain season is uneven, and heavy rainfall is locally dispersed, accompanied by short-term rainstorm, thunderstorm, gale, and other severe convective weather.

It is estimated that during the plum rain season (June to July), the rainfall in most areas of Northern Zhejiang is more or obviously more than that in the normal year, while that in other areas is close to or slightly less than that in the normal year. The obvious precipitation period mainly occurs in the middle and late June.

On June 9, there were obvious showers in this province. There was strong convective weather, such as short-term rainstorm, strong lightning, and thunderstorm and gale in some areas. The rainfall in 14 towns (sub-districts) in the province exceeded 100 mm. Among them, Zhuji City experienced extreme weather with high intensity, short span, and sudden occurrence, with casualties and collapse of houses. On the morning of June 10, the provincial flood and drought prevention and control command sent a working group to Zhuji to guide the rescue and post disaster recovery work, and immediately held a special video conference on flood control to specially deploy the targeted work of prevention and control of heavy rainfall during the flood period over the plum rain season.

The provincial flood and drought prevention and control command reminded that due to the frequent occurrence of severe convective weather and local heavy rainfall, all localities must strengthen point-to-point forecast and early warning, try to shorten the process and reduce links, and open up point-to-point information channel, to ensure timely, accurate and effective forecast and early warning. At the same time, emergency duty and risk detection must be strengthened, to always maintain a high degree of vigilance, organize the transfer of people in case of emergencies, and ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.

“All localities should earnestly strengthen consultation, study and judgment, to take dispersive, local and short-term severe convective weather as the focus and weak link of current defense. Greater efforts must be made and initiative must be taken to make targeted breakthroughs in terms of both deepening forecast and early warning and putting prevention and control in place in a short time,” said a person in charge from the provincial flood and drought prevention and control command.

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