The State Council approved the opening of Tongzhou Bay area in Nantong Port

Recently, the State Council approved the opening of Tongzhou Bay area of Nantong Port. The newly opened areas covered Sanjiasha operation section, Yaosha Lengjiasha operation sections, 46.4 km of coastlines, and the first group of 16 berths.

Tongzhou Bay area is consisted of four sections of coastline. The coastline in Sanjiasha Zone measured 23 km, 7.3 km in Sanjiasha (inner harbor basin included) and 15.7 km in Dongzao harbor. And the section in Yaosha and Lengjiasha measured 23.4 km (the first, second, third harbor basins included). Based on the plan and construction progress, 19 berths of various types will be built before 2025. Cargo throughout is expected to register 48 million tons, among which 24 million tons will be contributed by foreign trade. And container throughput is expected to reach 4.8 million TEUs.

At present, Nantong has the largest number of ports in Jiangsu with four water transport ports, namely Nantong Port, Rugao Port, Rudong Yangkou Port, and Qidong Port, and one airport, Xingdong Airport. The approval of the opening of Tongzhou Bay area represented another milestone in port development in Nantong, for port function will cover all four major harbor-based operation sections along the coast, namely Lvsi, Dongzao Port, Tongzhou Bay, and Yangkou. This will offer strong support to the development of Tongzhou Bay as a fulcrum of the Yangtze River Economic Belt as more port-based projects will cluster and enterprises like Zenith Steel will enjoy better development.

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