Zhejiang holds comprehensive drill against typhoon

On the afternoon of June 9th, Zhejiang held a comprehensive drill for typhoon prevention. This was the first large-scale drill against typhoon in the province since the institutional reform.

Based on simulating the scenario of the frontal landing of the super typhoon “Caiyun” in our province, the exercise is carried out in sequence in five stages: typhoon warning, full preparation, emergency mobilization, emergency rescue and disaster recovery, simulating quite a number of situations including command and decision-making, consultation and judgment, risk warning, risk management and control, comprehensive marine and land rescue, geological disasters, urban waterlogging, plain flooding, and post-disaster relief, etc. 90 counties (cities, districts) across the province participated in the whole process, covering the whole chain and the whole province.

Five-color risk map, risk reminders, control list, Zhejiang security code, mobile emergency management, control index… The reporter found that, unlike previous exercises, this drill integrates various digital platform applications for the first time to achieve online and offline integration. Taking advantage of the innovative achievements on the digital platform for natural disasters, the drill keeps in close touch with the offline flood-prevention headquarters for consultation, deployment, inspections, personnel transfer, emergency rescue scheduling, post-disaster recovery and reconstruction, etc., which fully demonstrates the effects of digital empowerment and precision intelligent control.

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