“50 Years of Party Membership” Medal ready to award 271,000 senior Party members in Zhejiang province

Recently, Zhejiang University held the “50 Years of Party Membership” medal award ceremony in its history museum, and awarded the medals to four senior Party members of the School of Optoelectronics.

In 1966, those four Party members and their colleagues developed a high-speed camera capable of taking 2.5 million pictures per second, and successfully captured the instant images of the initiation of the hydrogen bomb principle test in 1966, which played an important role in the successful development of the hydrogen bomb. 55 years later, under the witness of more than 30 representatives of young faculty and students, they put on the medals and shared their experience of scientific research and dedication in those glorious years. After listening to their story, the young teachers and students present all expressed their determination to inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of patriotic dedication of the older generation, and conquer the core bottleneck technology to serve the country.

In Zhejiang, there will be more than 271,000 Party members who have been in the Party with good conducts for 50 years to be awarded the medals. As an important part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Central Government officially issued the “Glorious 50 Years of Party Membership” medals on June 2, and Zhejiang has started the awarding throughout the whole province. In the past few days, Jiaxing City, Pingyang County, Chun’an County, Yuyao City, Anji County, Sanmen County, and Longquan City held simple and solemn ceremonies to award the medal.

According to the arrangement, most of the eligible Party members in the province will be awarded the medal by the grass-roots Party committees. The county-level Party committees will award it to the Party member representatives at various conferences before “July 1st”. For some senior members who are unable to attend the ceremony due to health or other reasons, their immediate family members or other designated Party members will attend the ceremony on their behalf, or the Party organizations will visit them to award the medal.

“After getting the medal, I’m quite impressed by the care of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core to the old Party members. Although I am getting older, I will definitely continue to pass on the original aspiration of the Communists to more young Party members,” said Xie Shuimu, an old Party member from Nanhu Sub-district, Jiaxing City. At the award ceremony on June 4, he was awarded the medal by the sub-district Party committee. After retiring in 2002, Xie Shuimu set up a community volunteer service studio. For more than a decade, he has led young Party members to provide volunteer services such as bicycle repairs and haircuts to surrounding residents.

At the award ceremony in Tianhuangping Town, Anji County, Ruan Ruyu, a senior Party member, recalled the development of Yucun Village from selling stones to making money through ecological development. He said, “We never dreamed of such a drastic change. As a Party member, we must take the lead and follow the path of ecological development.” The town also held a revolutionary torch relay ceremony, and took pictures of the new and old Party members in front of the stone monument marking green development. “We will take over the baton to pursue our ideals as young Party members, and contribute to green development,” said Zhu Di, a young Party member.

The medal will be awarded to all eligible members before the Party’s birthday on July 1.

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