All preparations readily made for the college entrance examination in Zhejiang

Since June 7, 333,000 candidates in Zhejiang Province will sit for the college entrance examination. The reporter learned from the Education Examination Institute of Zhejiang that all preparations for the college entrance examination in this province have readily been made.

According to statistics, there are 333,000 candidates for the college entrance examination this year, a slight increase compared with last year. Among them, 269,000 participated in the unified college entrance examination and 64,000 participated in the separate examination. The province has a total of 75 examination areas, 306 examination venues, and more than 11,000 examination rooms.

In the college entrance examination in this province this year, examinations of Chinese, mathematics, the foreign language, and elective subjects will be conducted from June 7th to 10th. Candidates must note that the foreign language test includes listening test, and entry into the examination rooms will be stopped 15 minutes before the start of the test. Candidates must be sure to properly arrange time and trip in advance.

Epidemic prevention and control is one of the key tasks of this year’s college entrance examination. Before the exams, this province prudently formulated a work plan for the epidemic prevention and control during the college entrance examination, and perfected the implementation of measures for the organization of the examination and the epidemic prevention and control, to ensure that the college entrance examination would not be affected by the risk of the epidemic. The Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Education Examination Institute, the Provincial Health Commission, the Provincial Center for Disease Control, and the Provincial Big Data Bureau have established a close work coordination and joint duty mechanism, to ensure first-time sharing of data and information and first-time handling of problems.

Since 14 days before the examination, this province has been using the big data platform to screen the test takers’ health status on a daily basis, and focusing on monitoring the vaccinations and health status of the test staff. By 12:00 on June 4, 95.1% of more than 66,100 test-related staff in the province have completed vaccination. Each test center has set up a deputy chief tester for epidemic prevention by the professional head of the health department or disease control agency of each locality, and set up a temporary medical prevention station on the test site. At the same time, the province has set up 1,027 standby isolated examination rooms according to the standards, and candidates with abnormal health during the examination will enter the standby isolated examination room according to the principle of “examination before testing”. For candidates who may appear in isolation treatment, centralized isolation, and medical observation, the examination institution is ready to send test papers to candidates. At present, all localities have prepared enough epidemic prevention materials to comprehensively eliminate the examination environment of the test centers to ensure environmental sanitation and good ventilation. During the examination period, inspectors from the province, cities, and counties will also be selected to supervise security during this college entrance examination safety and the epidemic prevention and control during the organization of the examination.

The first day of the college entrance examination this year coincides with Monday. According to the forecast of the provincial meteorological department, there may be moderate to heavy rain in some areas of the province during the examination period. Candidates and parents are requested to pay attention to the weather in time, arrange travel reasonably, beware of traffic congestion, arrive at the test center early, and reserve sufficient time for health monitoring, identity verification, and admission inspection at the test center, so as to take the tests calmly.

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