A publicity month for the protection of minors in full swing

On June 1, 2021, Children’s Day, the newly revised Law on the Protection of Minors was formally implemented. On May 31, the launching ceremony of the publicity month for protection of minors of Zhejiang Province and Hangzhou Municipality was held in Hangzhou Children’s Welfare Institute.

At the scene, the Civil Affairs Department of Zhejiang Province released a special promotional video for the Law on the Protection of Minors, and issued an initiative to the whole province, to call on the whole society to mobilize, study and publicize the newly revised Law, and jointly create a good and civilized society for the healthy growth of minors. The effort is designed to create sound family growth environment, all-round development of learning and education environment, inclusive and loving social protection environment, and safe and healthy green network environment, to jointly care and protect the healthy growth of minors.

Next, the civil affairs departments at all levels in this province will study, publicize, and implement the newly revised Law on the Protection of Minors, adhere to the care and protection of minors as the main line, and carry out a series of activities, including on-site publicity, news media publicity, special training, online contests, etc., to enhance the awareness of all sectors of society to actively participate in the care and protection of minors, and effectively protect their legal rights.

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