World No Tobacco Day publicity held and 117 smoking-quitting clinics established in the province

May 31st is the 34th World No Tobacco Day. The reporter learned from the province’s 34th World No Tobacco Day publicity activities that according to the provincial CDC monitoring data, the exposure rate of Zhejiang residents to secondhand smoking was 57.15%, and the trial smoking rate and current smoking rate of youth in the province were 8.93% and 2.10% respectively, a decreasing from previous years and far below the national level.

It is learned that in order to achieve the tobacco control goal of “reducing the smoking rate of people over 15 years old to 20%” in the “Healthy Zhejiang 2030 Action Plan”, Zhejiang Province has been actively implementing the “WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco” and continuing to carry out a series work to control tobacco use. At present, this province is promoting the construction of smoking-quitting clinics across the province, establishing a network of 117 smoking-quitting clinics covering all cities in the province to provide professional and scientific smoking-quitting services for smokers who need to quit.

In addition, this province regularly conducts monitoring of tobacco use among residents and key populations to comprehensively understand the current status and development patterns of populations in order to better formulate tobacco control strategies; targeted tobacco control interventions for key populations are carried out for doctors, teachers, civil servants, and primary and secondary school students. People carry out healthy behavior interventions to popularize knowledge about tobacco’s health hazards; the efforts to promote the creation of a smoking-free environment continues to be strengthened, to strengthen the awareness of tobacco control in public places by continuously promoting the creation of smoking-free medical and health institutions, schools, and Party and government agencies.

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