Economic growth in China to reach 8.5 percent in 2021 amid robust recovery: World Bank

China’s economic growth is projected to reach 8.5 percent as economic activity has continued to normalize in the country, according to a report published by the World Bank on Tuesday.

Economic growth in China was projected to be 8.1 percent as reported by the World Bank in March but has been adjusted to 8.5 percent in June.

Improved consumer and business confidence and stronger labor market conditions will support a shift toward private domestic demand from public investment and exports, read the report, adding that the drivers of China’s economic growth will be gradually transitioned from industrial production toward services.

Risks to China’s economic outlook including repeated Covid-19 outbreaks, bilateral tensions with key trading partners, and financial stability risks associated with high corporate leverage and inflated property markets are broadly balanced, with the robust recovery of private consumption and investment together along with a stronger and more broad-based global upturn could support stronger growth, according to the report.

However, China still faces many medium-term challenges, said the report, adding that demographic headwinds, slowing productivity growth, a high level of inequality and remaining social vulnerabilities and a carbon intensive production structure are the main ones and some of them have been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic even after accounting for a robust economic recovery.

The report proposed that high quality growth could be achieved by reinforcing a set of reforms such as a more progressive tax system, investments in human capital and stronger social safety nets to reduce income inequality, and the transition to low carbon growth with broad benefits could be supported by a wider use of carbon pricing along with scaled-up green investments.

Structural reforms are encouraged by enhancing market access in relatively closed service sectors, which would help increase competition, encourage innovation, and boost productivity growth, read the report.

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