Lianyungang City issued the main policy points for BRI development in 2021

Recently, Lianyungang City has issued the Key Points for the Construction of a Strong Pivot of Belt and Road Initiative in Lianyungang City in 2021 (hereinafter referred to as “Key Points”). This year, Lianyungang City will actively explore effective ways to integrate and actively serve the country to build a new development pattern, give full play to the leading role of the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” in connecting domestic and international markets and two resources, and continue to deepen international connectivity, Action plans for Silk Road trade promotion, international production capacity cooperation, construction of overseas parks, and cultural exchanges and cooperation. “Key Points” pointed out that Lianyungang will continue to deepen cooperation with Central Asia, the Middle East and Russia and Ukraine, and strive to achieve greater breakthroughs in supply chain base projects, international multimodal trains, modern agriculture, and scientific research talent cooperation. It is necessary to take the New Asia-European-Sea Intermodal Transport Channel as the first task in the construction of the strategic fulcrum, quickly build an international hub port with 10 million TEUs, and make every effort to build a port opening system that integrates sea, land and air, completes passenger and freight transportation, and builds cross-border e-commerce and China-Europe Express train that integrates functions such as consolidation and international rail-sea transport. Steps will be taken to promote the construction of the free trade zone to continuously achieve new results, strengthen the role of the country’s eastern, central and western regional cooperation demonstration zones, and promote the development of the SCO International Logistics Park from a high starting point.

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