Zhejiang promote vocational skills training to spur high quality employment

“This year, I participated in the company’s training for fiberglass workers and passed the test. I not only improved my skills, but also received monthly subsidies,” said Shi Haiyuan, a twister of Jushi Group, who was determined to become a highly skilled talent after participating in the training. Across Zhejiang, more and more workers have benefited from skills training like Shi Haiyuan. Since the beginning of this year, Zhejiang has steadily promoted various measures to stabilize employment, and actively explored high-quality and targeted skills training to promote high-quality employment and entrepreneurship for various groups. According to statistics, 488,100 vocational skills trainings have been organized at all levels in the province, and 22,800 high-skilled talents have been trained.

During the Spring Festival, Zhejiang strengthened the recommendation and push of training policies, training information and training projects, and encouraged enterprises to carry out targeted skills training according to the actual situation of employment. Meanwhile, the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security (HRSS) has recommended 58 online training platforms to provide 24-hour “on-line” training services, and published the “menu” of skills training programs and information on training institutions for those who have retained jobs, so as to provide menu-style training and follow-up service.

Taking advantage of the development of the Internet economy, Zhejiang has actively explored the employment and entrepreneurial potential of new business types, and carried out skill trainings for “Internet celebrities” and other types of people to adapt to new business types and broaden employment channels. For example, it has issued relevant rules to guide all regions to carry out e-commerce training in an orderly manner, put “Internet celebrity” live broadcast vocational training in the program, and guided all local authorities to integrate market resources and improve training efficiency and quality.

In Quzhou, the villages have improved the training mechanism for “internet celebrities”. Earlier, Chen Jiasheng, a villager in Doumulong Village, Kecheng District, opened a hand-made noodle shop based on family handicrafts. Due to the remote location, he has not been able to open the market. To his surprise, after participating in the local “Live Streaming Stars” program, he not only opened an online store, but also became an “anchor.” “Thanks to the government’s training and guidance, I have got new skills, and the live streaming has opened up new channels for my handmade noodles,” said Chen, whose noodles now sell to all parts of China.

According to limited statistics, since the beginning of this year, the province has organized more than 300 training sessions for “Internet celebrities” and “anchors”, training a total of 20,500 people.

Zhejiang has also opened considerate trainings for the employment of key groups. Recently, at a theme salon tailored for full-time mothers in Gongshu District of Hangzhou, Ma Lixia, a full-time mother, shared her experience of reemployment. “Employment assistants customized and recommended employment opportunities for me based on my situation.” Now, she not only has her own cross-border e-commerce shop, but also helped two other full-time mothers to find their jobs.

In order to ensure the success of entrepreneurial incubation, Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of HRSS has hired more than 900 entrepreneurial mentors. Since the beginning of this year, it has organized 15 entrepreneurial activities, such as “Tutor 1 to 1”, to provide guidance to key groups such as college students, graduates and retired military personnel. More than 2300 people have been trained.

According to an official from the Provincial Department of HRSS, in the next step, they will further improve the accuracy of vocational skills training according to the industrial development, market demand and labor training intentions in our province, so as to achieve high-quality employment for more people.

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