Suzhou Issues Implementation Plan to Build National Sports Consumption Pilot City

In 2020, Suzhou became one of the first 40 national sports consumption pilot cities, with a trial period from 2020 to 2022. To reach this development goal, Suzhou has recently issued Suzhou’s Implementation Plan to Build A National Sports Consumption Pilot City, which stipulates that by 2020, the industrial value of Suzhou’s sports sector will have exceeded RMB 130 billion.

The Plan has laid out clear objectives that by 2022, a “user-friendly, easy and convenient” public sports service system with Suzhou characteristics will be put in place, and consumption in the sports sector will have greater contribution to and impact on the economic and social development. By then, the total industrial value of the sports sector in Suzhou will exceed RMB 130 billion; value added of sports service industry will take up more than 60% of value added of the entire sports sector; value added of the sports and its relevant sectors will surpass 1.8% of Suzhou’s GDP; and per capita sports consumption will exceed RMB 3,500, maintaining the leading position in China. Suzhou will continue work to improve fitness for all. By 2022, established fitness paths will exceed 4,800 km; per capita area of sports venues will reach 4.5 m2; the number of sports parks of all kinds will stand at 110; 43% of the population will play sports on a regular basis; and 96% of urban and rural residents in Suzhou will meet the national standard of physical fitness.

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