17th “Challenge Cup” Jiangsu Qualification Trials Final Concluded

The 17th Jiangsu Extracurricular Academic and Technological Works Competition for College Students aka. China’s “Challenge Cup” Jiangsu Qualification Trails Final was held in Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine on May 15. Vice Governor Chen Xingying addressed the closing ceremony.

Chen Xingying pointed out that in recent years, CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Jiangsu Provincial Government have been focusing on fostering Jiangsu’s sci-tech strength and encouraging innovation and start-up initiatives to facilitate its high-quality development. Jiangsu has become a magnet for young people to realize their dreams through making innovation and starting own businesses. With joint effort, Jiangsu has been scoring high at the “Challenge Cup” competitions. Chen put forward three expectations on the youth’s innovation and start-ups: firstly, the young are expected to dream the Chinese Dream and act responsibly to answer the call of the times by contributing their wisdom and talents to national development and social progress; secondly, institutes of higher learning as well as the Youth League organizations are expected to produce world-class talent that are qualified to serve the CPC, and facilitate the young to achieve their goals in this new era; and thirdly, it is expected that all social sectors will work to create an enabling environment for the young, college students in particular, to engage in scientific and technological innovation.

“Grateful Young Hearts to Serve the CPC and Motherland with Technological Innovation”, as the theme indicates that this year’s competition highlights efforts which are conducive to China’s national rejuvenation and focuses on commercialization of research results. The final, lasted from May 14 to 15, has seen fierce competition amongst 373 shortlisted entries from 99 universities and colleges go through on-site defense reviews, and has concluded with 73 entries which are qualified for the national competition, the largest number of qualified entries across the country.

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