Taihu Lake Forum for Entrepreneurs of East Asian Countries Will be Held in Jiangsu

Press Conference of Jiangsu Information Office on May 12 revealed that Jiangsu will be hosting Taihu Lake Forum for Entrepreneurs of East Asian Countries in Suzhou on May 17, upon approval by the State Council. As a close neighbor to Japan and ROK, Jiangsu embraces great complementarity in industrial development with the two countries. The forum is expected to further enhance the economic exchanges and cooperation between Jiangsu, Japan and ROK, with fresh driving forces for mutual benefit and win-win results.

Under the instruction of the Ministry of Commerce of China, the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province and Korean Ministry of Industry, Trade and Energy, Taihu Lake Forum is co-sponsored by the China International Chamber of Commerce, Jiangsu Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment, Japan External Trade Organization, Japan-China Economic Association, Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Korea Trade Association, with supporters including Japan Association for the Promotion of International Trade, Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Corporation, Jiangsu Department of Commerce, Jiangsu Foreign Affairs Office, Jiangsu Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and Suzhou Municipal People’s Government.

The forum will host an audience of 630 people, amongst which 410 are foreign guests. 70% of the Japanese and Korean guests are superintendents of companies in Jiangsu or Chinese headquarters, making the forum the most high-ranking event of its kind in terms of profile of the foreign attendees in the recent years. Rich programs offered by the event include one major forum and five sideline activities. Themed as “Making Unimpeded Industrial Circulation in East Asia and Rendering Joint Efforts for Cooperation and Win-win Development”, the major forum aims to facilitate in-depth discussions on deepening industrial cooperation between Jiangsu, Japan and ROK, tap on major opportunities of enhancing economic circulation in East Asia, encourage enterprises in the three regions to step up industrial dovetailing and cooperation, and work together to further stabilize industrial and supply chains for greater competitiveness. The five sideline events include East Asian Industrial Cooperation Under RCEP Roundtable, Talent Cooperation and Innovative Industries in East Asia, Match-making Conference for Biomedicine and Health Industrial Cooperation in East Asia, Match-making Conference for New Generation of Information Technology Cooperation in East Asia, and Match-making Conference for High-end Equipment Manufacturing and New Energy Cooperation in East Asia. The forum will announce the cooperative achievements amongst Jiangsu, Japan and ROK, launch the online platform of Jiangsu-Japan-ROK Alliance for Corporate Talent Service and Cooperation, and release the Taihu Lake Initiative by Entrepreneurs of East Asian Countries jointly proposed by well-known enterprises in Jiangsu, Japan and ROK.

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