Permanent Representatives of China, Norway, and Tunisia to the UN meet with the press on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Permanent representatives of China, Norway, and Tunisia to the United Nations meet with the press on the current situation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

After the emergency public meeting of the United Nations Security Council on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, permanent representatives of China, Norway and Tunisia to the United Nations meet with press on the current conflict between Palestine and Israel on Sunday at Untied Nations headquarter in New York. The representatives of the three countries jointly expressed their serious concern about the situation in Gaza and the increase in the number of civilian casualties, and called on both parties to the conflict to immediately cease hostilities, fully abide by international law including international humanitarian law, protect civilians, especially children, and immediately stop all violence.

China, Norway, and Tunisia are all very concerned about the tensions and violence in East Jerusalem, especially the violence in and near holy places including the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The representatives of the three countries urged both parties to exercise maximum restraint, respect the historical status quo of the Holy Land, work together to ease tensions and stop violence as soon as possible, and reiterated their support for the negotiation of a “two-state solution” in accordance with relevant UN resolutions and international law.

Zhang Jun, China’s permanent representative to the United Nations, says that State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi has fully explained China’s views on the current Palestinian-Israeli conflict when chairing the Security Council meeting. The top priority of the international community is to promote a ceasefire and stop violence. At the same time, it is equally important to promote a long lasting solution to the Palestinian issue. The Security Council bears important responsibilities for this, so it must act to push the parties to ease tensions as soon as possible, stop hostilities, push the Middle East peace process back on the right track, and implement relevant Security Council resolutions and the “two-state solution.”

Zhang Jun said that without a political solution to the Palestinian issue, it will be difficult for both Palestine and Israel and the Middle East to achieve real peace. As the rotating presidency of the Security Council in May, China will continue to push the Security Council to take action and make a concerted voice to end the current crisis through political dialogue. China calls on all members of the Security Council to make the joint efforts.

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