Jiangsu Launched the 2021 College Graduates Employment Promotion Week

The number of college graduates in 2021 in Jiangsu is estimated to top 600,000, hitting a record high. All relevant departments and localities have recently rolled out multiple measures to ensure full and quality employment for college graduates since the current period is critical for job-landing. As such, the launching ceremony of Jiangsu 2021 College Graduates Employment Promotion Week and the opening ceremony of Nanjing University 2021 Career Planning Carnival, themed with “Serving the People with Substantive Actions, Promoting Employment with Pooled Efforts”, kicked off on the 9th of May in Nanjing University. Under the guidance of Department of College Student Affairs, Ministry of Education, the event was hosted by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education and Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, and organized by Nanjing University.

The Employment Promotion Week umbrellas one launching ceremony and three career-planning themed month sub-events. The event unfolded in the main venue and connected with breakout sessions in other colleges and universities via video links. Leaders of Jiangsu Normal University and Nanjing Vocational College of Information Technology briefed on what was going on in the breakout sessions and Nanjing Normal University arranged for the lecture experts for professional career education and training courses to participate in on-line communication.

Jiangsu has lately unveiled a three-month employment promotion campaign for college graduates of 2021, under which 100 job fairs themed with “Serving Development by Propelling Employment” and “Employment and Entrepreneurship in Jiangsu”, as well as 1000 online and offline recruitment events involving 100 colleges and universities across the province, were set on the agenda. All serve to ensure overall employment stability of college graduates.

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