Simultaneous test sounding of air defense and disaster prevention alarms across the province

May 12 this year is the 13th “National Day for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation”. At 10 o’clock in the morning, under the unified command of the Provincial Civil Air Defense Command, thousands of sirens and more than 200 radio and television stations across the province simultaneously conducted test sounding of air defense and disaster prevention alarm.

In conjunction with the alarm test, the Provincial Civil Air Defense Command organized the “5·12” personnel evacuation and concealment exercises in Zhejiang Province, focusing on the function conversion of evacuation sites, population evacuation, pre-warning, personnel concealment, self-help and mutual rescue. The exercise was carried out in the form of a province-wide network, five-level linkage, real-time connection, and synchronized exercise. The main venue was set up in Wenzhou City, and command sub-centers were set in the civil air defense headquarters of each prefecture city and county (city, district), to organize and command prefecture cities and counties (cities, districts), key civil air defense towns (sub-districts), important economic target units, and communities to carry out this exercise simultaneously.

It is learned that around May 12 this year, the province’s civil air defense system has simultaneously carried out publicity activities, with the theme of “Recollecting Party History, Building a Strong Shield, and Warming People’s Hearts”, in accordance with the requirements of the Central Committee of the CPC and the Provincial Party Committee on the implementation of Party history learning and education. Various localities made full use of mainstream media, emerging media and other media, to organize the learning of new China’s civil air defense history, air defense and disaster prevention knowledge, and protection skills, to continuously improve people’s capabilities of emergency evacuation and self-help and mutual rescue , and thus to enhance the sense of gain, happiness, and security.

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