Jiangsu’s GOP Up 1.4% Last Year

Jiangsu’s gross ocean product (GOP) last year reached RMB 782.8 billion, up by 1.4% over 2019, according to Jiangsu Marine Economy Statistical Bulletin 2020 released on April 26th. Relevant competent person with Jiangsu Provincial Marine Economy Monitoring and Evaluation Center noted that while coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, Jiangsu has strived to develop itself into an advanced province in the marine sector by coordinating development of coastal and inland areas and pushing forward Yangtze River-sea aligned development, the river-sea connectivity, lake-sea synergy, and harmony between the sea and people. With those efforts, marine economy achieved recovery quarter by quarter and its structure improved continuously, thus showing strong resilience. The momentum of high-quality development of marine economy has been sustained.

Compared with data in China Marine Economy Statistical Bulletin 2020, one could see in 2020 the national GOP arrived at RMB 8.0010 trillion, a year-on-year decrease of 5.3%, while Jiangsu registered a GOP of RMB 782.8 billion, up 1.4% against the previous year, standing out as one of the few provinces that had reported positive growth. Jiangsu’s GOP accounted for 7.6% of its GDP and 9.8% of the national GOP. Marine economy contributed 2.6% to Jiangsu’s national economic growth in 2020. Most of the marine industries maintained sound and steady development, showing a momentum of further accelerated growth, except marine tourism which was hugely impacted by the epidemic. The marine industry structure continued to be bettered, with the added value of the primary industry amounting to RMB 43.84 billion, that of the secondary industry RMB 377.31 billion, and the tertiary RMB 361.65 billion. The three industries respectively took up 5.6%, 48.2% and 46.2% of the GOP.

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