To protect the people’s “money bag”: Financial institutions in Zhejiang launch “anti-fraud and anti-gambling” month

On May 10th, the financial institutions in Zhejiang launched a campaign to combat telecommunication fraud and cross-border gambling.

Taking advantage of the wide distribution of financial institutions and the large number of employees, the campaign was widely carried out in enterprises, communities and schools through various media and banking offices. The public was widely informed about the countermeasures against telecommunication frauds and cross-border gambling, about privacy protection and safe payment, and about the hazards of trading accounts and its legal responsibilities, so as to enhance the people’s awareness against telecommunication frauds and cross-border gambling and awareness for safe payments in order to protect the people’s “money bag”.

Currently, telecommunications frauds and crimes are still on the rise. According to statistics, in the first quarter of this year, Zhejiang cracked 7,881 related cases, arrested 6,001 suspects, and recovered 406 million yuan in economic losses.

It requires the participation of the whole society to fight against telecommunications frauds and cross-border gambling, especially at a time when the fraudulent methods are constantly updated, said a clerk from the People’s Bank of China Hangzhou Center Branch. Every financial consumer should master the countermeasures, keep care of personal information such as ID cards, bank accounts, and payment accounts in daily life, and handle fund transfers prudently. When encountering frauds, one should stop losses in time and report to the police immediately.

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