“Reject Cross-Border Gambling” week kicks off in Zhejiang

On May 7, Zhejiang Province and Hangzhou City officially launched the “Reject Cross-Border Gambling” week. During the week, by means of square publicity activities and webcasts, all local authorities of the province promoted publicity of the serious harm of gambling, and called on the public to stay away from gambling and fight against illegal gambling crimes.

Since 2020, the police throughout the province have handled 3,892 cross-border gambling cases, eliminated 3,080 gambling gangs, arrested 25,000 criminal suspects, and enforced coercive measures on 21,000 people. They have eliminated 453 casinos and online gambling platforms, and frozen 7.6 billion yuan in the cases, which ranked among the top in the country. In the process, the police carried out a full chain and in-depth crackdown on the shareholders of cross-border gambling platforms, the “funding owners”, and the upstream and downstream criminal links. Meanwhile, by strengthening the check on outbound visitors, issuing blacklist management rules and reviewing norms for suspected entry and exit documents, they have effectively blocked the outbound gambling channels, and continuously persuaded those at large to return or give themselves up to the police.

Next, we will continue to carry out an in-depth campaign against organized illegal transgression of frontiers for gambling, intensively clean up a number of online payment platforms involved in gambling and fraudulent fund services, and strengthen blockage on domestic and foreign gambling websites and mobile gambling services. We will improve the “blacklist” system for tourist destinations and gamblers, actively guide Internet companies to strengthen self-discipline, create an anti-gambling co-governance system, and strengthen normalized social publicity and education to create a good atmosphere for all people to participate.

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