Guiyang Culture and Tourism Promotion Event SuccessfullyHeld in Beijing

On 8 May 2021, Guiyang Culture and Tourism Promotion Event, namely, “Month of ASEAN Culture and Tourism—Guiyang Day”, co-organized by the ASEAN-China Centre (ACC) and Guiyang Culture and Tourism Administration, was successfully held in Yonghe Book Court, Beijing. The representatives from media, catering enterprises and travel agencies attended the activity.

The representative of ACC introduced the ongoing “Month of ASEAN Culture and Tourism” in Beijing and its partnership building with Guiyang in the field of culture and tourism in recent years. The representative of Guiyang Culture and Tourism Administration presented the main tourism products and cultural resources of Guiyang, the Summer Resort of China. The representative of the ASEAN-China (Guiyang) Tourism and Culture Promotion Centre introduced the preparations for ASEAN-China “Belt and Road” Culture and Tourism Exchange Week 2021, and extended Guiyang’s invitation to all possible participants from ASEAN and China.

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