Cross-provincial real-time tax payment realized in Zhejiang Province

On the morning of May 5, Mr. Fu, a financial officer of Anhui Bozhou Junye Metal Structure Installation Co., Ltd., who was far away in Anhui, completed a series of operations from declaration to real-time tax payment through Zhejiang Electronic Taxation Bureau, within only a few minutes. This means that Zhejiang takes the lead in realizing real-time tax payment across provinces in China.

Previously, real-time tax payment across provinces had been a technical problem. “Restricted by the internal tax payment business of the commercial banking system, cross provincial clearing of funds was impossible. Branches and project departments with headquarters outside the province and without tax payment accounts in Zhejiang Province, like Junye Metal, needed several personal visits to pay taxes.” In addition, the taxation authorities, the people’s Bank of China and commercial banks also needed to conduct multiple rounds of information exchanges.

In order to break through the barriers to cross-provincial data transfer, the taxation authorities, together with Hangzhou Central Branch of the people’s Bank of China and Zhejiang Branch of China Construction Bank, have comprehensively been implementing the Opinions on Further Deepening the Tax Collection and Management Reform issued by the Office of the Central Committee of the CPC and the Office of the State Council, to promote the construction of smart taxation, finally successfully breaking through the barriers to cross-provincial clearing of funds settlement for tax payment business of commercial banks based on the success of the tripartite deduction agreement in Zhejiang Province through technical breakthrough and business cooperation.

Nowadays, trans provincial enterprises only need to sign a tripartite deduction agreement before directly initiating the deduction after reporting the tax to the Zhejiang Provincial Electronic Taxation Bureau. The tax can be paid into the Treasury in real time, making trans provincial tax payment as convenient and fast as tax payment within the province.

It is learned that according to the statistical analysis of the relevant business volume in Zhejiang Province in 2020, more than 100000 taxpayers need to pay taxes across provinces every year, with the amount of tax paid reaching more than 10 billion yuan. The head of the Treasury Department of Hangzhou Central Branch of the People’s Bank of China said that in the future, he will work with the tax authorities to promote this convenient taxation service to other banks, to ultimately promote the realization of cross-provincial tax payment across China.

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