Zhejiang updates digital services for Covid-19 vaccination and NAT

Digital reform continues to help Zhejiang in normalized epidemic prevention and control.

Recently, at the Covid-19 vaccination site of the Health Center in Hengshan Town, Longyou County, villagers who came for vaccination were carrying out information registration and vaccination procedures in an orderly manner. Lai Zhirong, a villager who has completed the second shot of the Covid-19 vaccination, found a new message in the “NEPC” (Normalized Epidemic Prevention and Control) module of “Zheliban Office” APP on his mobile phone: second shot of the Covid-19 vaccination.

The reporter learned that this service, known as the “instant check” of Covid-19 vaccination, not only provides convenience for the common people, but also improves the efficiency of normalized epidemic prevention and control. Yuan Xiao, deputy director of the Hengshan Town Health Center, told the reporter: “This service is simple and easy. Many people said they got to know more about their vaccination progress and the types of vaccines they receive.”

Recently, the “Zheliban Office” APP has upgraded its NEPC module to optimize services including Covid-19 vaccination and nucleic acid testing (NAT).

The “self-service appointment” module provides users with the function of self-help file creation before appointment for Covid-19 vaccination, which supports online appointment at 1789 vaccination spots in the province. This can greatly reduce the waiting time for people and improve the efficiency of vaccination. The “instant check” service can show the vaccination status of users through data linkage, which is convenient for users to check and show to others. The NCT appointment service, by calling the electronic health card, enables users to complete the online file creation, epidemiological investigation, billing and payment within one module, thus reducing the stay time in the hospital and the risk of cross-infection.

In order to help residents to choose nearby NCT or vaccination spots, the module also offered “one-click guidance” service which integrates a map of the NCT and vaccination institutions and fever clinics in all cities, counties (cities, districts) in the province, with functions of automatic positioning and one-key navigation.

Zhejiang will keep on promoting Covid-19 vaccination with digital concepts and thinking, and continue to upgrade related online services in accordance with the latest needs of the people.

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